We are you.

We love Santa Barbara and value you as a member of our community. This town is tiny and magical – we treat it, and our patients, with respect.

Our Team wants to give you the tools to live the happiest, healthiest, most creative life possible!

High Impact

Our High Impact line – when you donate for a High Impact product, your purchase supports our One for One Compassionate Giving Program. Where we match flowers/products and donate to cancer and terminal patients in our community that cannot afford their medicine.

Recyclable Packaging

We use recyclable packaging whenever possible. Our flowers come in recyclable (or reusable!) glass containers.

Community Events

The team at Blue Coast Farms knows that cannabis can be a part of a happy, healthy, active and creative lifestyle. We encourage our patients to get out in nature #bluecoastoutdoor and to get creative #bluecoastart.

We only work with Brands that share our values.

Finally a company that gets it. Great service, great products and loved the First Timer pack. Already submitted my water color.


Patient Testimonial, Weedmaps

I have tried just about every club in Sb blue coast has great prices and quality herb I suggest you try it the wild berry cookies is tasty


Patient Testimonial, Weedmaps

I am extremely satisfied with the order from Bluecoast Farms. The Dispensery has a convenient online menu ordering system complete with chat support!

Also, they have a plethora of FTP goodies making the experience memorable. Being encouraged to paint with the kit included in the bag inspires me to remember to pass on good vibes to all. Thank you so much and you will be hearing from me again soon.


Patient Testimonial, Weedmaps

I’ve ordered from about 8-10 other clubs and not one has gone above and beyond like these guys. Mark really knows his stuff and their welcome pack is second to none! my gf loves the watercolor set! also, getting a snack is not unheard of but they threw in a freaking Santa Barbara Bar! fuckin love those things.

now on to the trees, I got wildberry cookies and cherry ak as I like an energetic high. after talking to Mark about it for a few minutes I also wanted some gorilla glue…this is where it gets good. dude was so sick that he broke up an 8th of the berry and cherry and proceeded to give me a cone of GG as part of the welcome pack!!! so many places give you a cone and they are hard to smoke or they taste like shit. instead, they gave me a TOP SHELF stick.

big daps to this club! try it out, you won’t be bummed!


Patient Testimonial, Weedmaps

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