What are terpenes?

Lemon, Mango, Pine, Diesel, Lavender.

All of these are smells we know and love in our favorite strains of cannabis, are compliments of the plants tiny aromatic fragrance molecules, called terpenes.

Not very widely known is that these aromatics oozed by the THC rich trichome glands contribute more to the cannabis experience than just producing rich smells.

Photo courtesy of Honest Marijuana.

Terpenes are found, not just in cannabis plants, but in an array of aromatic plants, fruit, and herbs you probably see (or smell) on daily basis.

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From the refreshing smell of a pine tree forest, or the energizing citrus smell of fresh lemon zest, to the soothing smell of lavender, can all be contributed to the plant’s terpenes.

Amazing smell, and ultimately taste, are not the only credit terpenes deserve, as it is believed that they offer beneficial medicinal effects of the body and mind as well.

The sleepy soothing effects of lavender, or the antioxidant benefits of citrus, both are compliments of the plant’s terpenes.

How does this relate to cannabis?

The same terpenes found in these plants can be found in every strain of cannabis as well. Different terpenes, in different strains, producing different smells, and potentially different effects on the body, and mind separate from the benefits of cannabinoids  (THC and CBD)

The 5 most common terpenes in Cannabis

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Each strain is produces a different unique combination of terpenes, giving them their distinct smell and taste. For example a strain smelling of pine and lemon, will actually posses the same terpenes found in actual lemons, and pine trees!

Along with sharing the same enticing smells, these cannabis terpenes also offer the same potential benefits that you would find in lemon, or say a tea made of pine. For example, smoking or ingesting cannabis from a strain potent with the smell of citrus, may offer antioxidant effects offered through an orange or other citrus fruits.

This has added a new level of cannabis connoisseur-ing. As more information is revealed about the potential benefits of terpenes in cannabis, the more we can cater to the patients and the most beneficial strain for them.

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