The Blue Coast Farms Community is full of artists, innovators, and creatives. We want to know what you think. That is why we created the Blue Coast Farms Community Member Survey.

We love our members. We want to know what you think. Do you love edibles? What kind? What questions do you have about cannabis? How about your friends? We are in a very interesting time in the world of cannabis.

Blue Coast Farms Community Member Survey

Blue Coast Farms Community Member Survey

Are they any questions that you think we totally missed? Let us know by emailing us at

We are especially interested in what you have seen outside of California (like in Oregon or Washington or Colorado) that you can’t wait until it reaches California. Was there an awesome dispensary the last time you visited Portland? Or maybe Boulder? Let us know what you saw that you loved – and more importantly – what you didn’t. The next few years here in California will be full of a lot of growing pains. This is the birth of a new industry and we want you to help us shape it!

Are you afraid of cannabis at all? Scared your kids will get a hold of it? Don’t know what to say to your kids? We want to know all of that too. We are working on content specifically aimed at how to bring cannabis to our communities in a responsible way. It is so important to us that Santa Barbara retains that indescribable *something* that makes it so magical. We live here too. We love this city – just like you.

So please – reach out with any questions, comments, or thoughts. You can reach us at, chat us on our website right down in the left hand corner, reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

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