Mint Tea with Strawberries

Yummy CBD Cocktails

CBD Supplement Brain Blast Blue Coast Farms

We are big fans of tea and coffee over here at Blue Coast Farms. Especially when boosted with CBD. Enter the CBD Cocktails!


Iced or hot – we love it all. This week has been a bit warm (at least by Santa Barbara standards). We found ourselves wanting something tasty and cold without too much caffeine. Voila! Mint Tea with Strawberries and Brain Blast! CBD Cocktails!

The directions to make this tasty treat are really very simple. Get a glass and throw in a few strawberries. Take a fork and mash them up. I like to press them against the side of the glass.

Take a deep breath of the sweet scent these berries produce. It is awesome and oh so summery. Next brew your tea! We like the teas from Far West Tea Club – but any high quality mint tea will work. Once your tea has been steeped, fill your glass up with ice. Pour your tea over the ice. Sweeten to taste.

Enjoy with a friend – or on your own. Either way take a moment to enjoy.


CBD Cocktails for sleep Central Coast Cannabis

Many of our members enjoy tea at night. (We like a calming herbal tea, with a little bit of local honey and some Sleep). One of our team members is an absolute sucker for anything lavender. In fact, our Sleep formula is made with Lavender Extract.

A lavender or jasmine tea before bed and a few drops of Sleep make for a delicious way to lull off. Pair those with a good book and I’m in heaven.

How do you like to get to sleep? Do you have a special ritual or is each night different? We’d love to hear about your night time routine. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!