When was the last time you took an hour to play?

For most of us, answering this question might take us a minute.

Blue Coast Farms Mandala Monday Cannabis Santa Barbara Art | Wellness | Cannabis

Art | Wellness | Cannabis

Our mandalas are created for us by a local Santa Barbara artist.

Download one and start your mandala meditation practice today.

We love to make art. We have many favorite mediums. One of our team members likes to paint – using mostly watercolors. Another one of our team members likes fabric and wood. Clothes and small furniture. She tells us that the two – clothes and furniture – have more in common than you might think.

We have members that love music. Some that make music. Did you know that playing music throughout your life may delay dementia for up to five years? If you used to play music and want to again check out SBCC’s Music Department.

We have members that love (and live) yoga.

How do you get your creative fill? Please share with us by emailing us at hello@bluecoastfarms.com or tagging us on Instagram (@bluecoastfarms) or Facebook (@bluecoastfarmssb). We would love to see your creativity!


If you haven’t been creative in a while, one of the things our team does in start a gratitude journal. Its super easy in concept – write down three things you are grateful for every single day. To start, pick a number of days that you want to challenge yourself to keep your journal going (there is research that supports the notion that it takes 21 consecutive days to create a habit – so that’s a good place to start).

Another way is to place an order with us. You first order from Blue Coast Farms comes with an awesome Mandala coloring book and crayons or markers. Mandala’s are an awesome way to tap into your creativity without the intimidation factor a blank piece of canvas has.

You might be thinking – okay, but the title of this post isĀ Art | Wellness | Cannabis, so how does my leafy friend factor into this? Well, that research is still being done.